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More about Northshare


Northshare is a co-working nonprofit campus that provides work space, meeting rooms, powerful wifi, back-office equipment and the mother of all porches. It is a mission of the Northshore Community Foundation to provide these assets to the nonprofit community in our region. These collective resources are for organizations driven by the greater good because being physically together is what sets the conditions for new relationships, new ideas and new innovations to emerge. The energy of our space is generated by the exceptional people that visit and work here every day.


The building is a local community asset strategically placed in the West 30s and flanked by the Justice Center and the Northshore Food Bank. The Coatney Center for Philanthropy is a 25-person conference room which hosts board meetings, classes, trainings, and more without cost to our local nonprofits. Northshare hosts upwards of 200 unique visitors each month, and that number is growing as the word gets out about the functionality of the facility. Visitors spend an average of 1.5 hours in the building.


What does an average visitor to Northshare look like? Business leaders, community stewards, board members, volunteers, community action members. Visiting not only the Coatney Center, people come to Northare to utilize the 501(c)3 directory lookup and the Nonprofit Lending Library.


Interested in becoming an underwriter for the month at Northshare? GREAT! Contact Leslie Landry at