Want to become a Corporate Underwriter?

What does an average visitor to Northshare look like? Business leaders, community stewards, nonprofit professionals, volunteers, community action members, interns and just plain curious passersby. Just as the building is oriented to the sidewalk, the visitor population to Northshare is a microcosm of our community, which is exactly what we want it to be.  

In order to keep Northshare affordable and accessible to all, we seek private partners to underwrite our efforts and sponsor our work.  


We offer monthly sponsorship packages with the following recognition for the month (or months) selected:

• Brand recognition on Northshare collaterals for the month 

• Front entry/Coatney Center entry signage

• The opportunity to host a lunch and learn or meeting to highlight your corporate mission and   social responsibility (one per month)

• Website banner with name/logo

• Recognition in a “Thank you” ad in Inside Northside at year end

• Honorary Inner Circle member for the year with access to member only meetings and networking opportunities