Coatney Conference Room

Thanks to our deeply generous donor, Mr. Doyle Coatney, the Coatney Center for Philanthropy is a conference room which can accommodate up to 25 people (comfortable for 20) for any local nonprofit gathering FREE of charge. 


If you are a 501(c)(3) you can use the space FOR FREE!

To request time in the Coatney Conference Center Room, please refer to the calendar button below for available openings. The Conference Room can only be booked in 2-hour increments from 9am-3pm up to 2 months in advance. After-hours bookings will require a charge as extra staffing will be necessary.


FIRST, check the calendar... then send us a reservation request!

     1) Fill in the below form and make a reservation request,

     2) Let us know if you have specific A/V needs or if food will be present,

     3) Your event is not booked until you receive a verification email from us and have signed and returned the Policies/Procedures form.

Coatney Conference Room Reservation Request

(You are not reserved until you receive a confirmation from us.)

What are you calling this event?
Which nonprofit organization is hosting the event?
How many people (including yourself) are you expecting?
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Date Needed
Refer to the Coatney Calendar for openings.
Two hour increments only, from 9am-4pm M-F
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